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2011 successfully completed the first half of the year / number of employees rises to 31 percent / customer base: thousands mark / sales growth plan Freiburg, August 18, 2011 the Jedox AG, a provider of open source and premium business intelligence solutions, is growing remains strong and has the first half of 2011 with a sales growth of over 70 percent, and well in excess of plan completed. The positive business development is supported by the good new customers and existing customer business, the increasing internationalization as well as the technical innovation. In the first half of the year gained Freiburg 79 new clients and have over 1,000 paying customers of the Premium Edition Jedox Palo. The free community version Palo was invited by over 10,000 user companies from 88 countries. The share of premium customers to users of the community version that has risen over 10 percent and supports the growth of the company in and outside of Germany. With 70 employees at the date 01.08.2011 Jedox, the headcount has also since the beginning of of the year by 31 percent increases and successfully introduced new products in the market. The products and services of Jedox AG convinced companies and organizations.

“Our customers have realized: Jedox Palo stands for reliability analysis and planning, promptness and manageable cost”, says Bernd Eckhoff, executive marketing and sales at Jedox. National new customers in the first half of 2011 as a whole won the Jedox AG in the first half of 79 new clients and thus exceeds the mark of 1,000 customers. Among the companies that have opted for Jedox Palo in the areas of planning, analysis and reporting, in the German-speaking countries, inter alia: the University medicine of Gottingen (UMG), the Association of medical school and University Hospital at the Georg-August-University, with Jedox Palo depicts his internal, standardized reporting system for management, as well as for the middle management level.

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