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The pupil in turn, also modified itself. Read more here: Gary Kelly. In reason of the internal changes of the country, of the pedagogical advances and the consequences of the context of world-wide the informacional revolution (he was of the information), he lost its character of passive receiver, in the measure where for the same reasons, the professor lost the absolute monopoly of knowing (if he is that in fact possua). Evidently, he does not mean that the professor unlearned or that he does not know more the sufficient stops to teach. In contrast, the professor learned more, accurately for the conscience that he acquired on its proper limitations and for the complexity that if disclosed to the historical knowledge with the new studies and approaches. However, History left its status of consolidadora of the past, being overcome what in fact it is: a science in construction. In this direction, the paper of the professor of History (and the others you discipline) surpasses the content of its disciplines, taking it the apprentice and master condition. It occurs of certain form, a redefinition of the learning space, since, is learned and one taught History in many spaces and for many ways.

In this new scene, to teach History means to impregnate of sensible practical pedagogical the daily one, in the perspective of a school-citizen. Valley to say, that the school is reproductive, in the measure where it works with definitive knowledge produced and accumulated for the scientific world, but transforming, since it promotes a critical appropriation of this exactly knowledge in view of the improvement of the quality of life of the global society. The formation of professionals with critical vision of the world where they live was one of ' ' horrores' ' of the military dictatorship. This quarrel has a basic question in all: until when the Education he will be hostage of ' ' vontades' ' of determined governing? ' ' Traditionally, in Brazil, the Education is a government problem. .

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