Sea Salt Cave

Wellness consulting group Dorena plans, builds and rented salt forces centuries positive effect on the human body and on the mind and soul as well. The white gold from the Sea contains valuable potassium, magnesium, calcium, iodine and iron, copper and selenium. Exactly these substances can be found in human blood and the lymph. Already the most famous doctor of antiquity, Hippocrates treated with sea salt such as inflammation, wounds, skin diseases and rheumatism. Today we know in addition to the curative effect of salt in respiratory and skin diseases. Dorena exposes the beneficial healing properties in the form of sea salt caves everywhere.

Too far away from the sea. The company Dorena looks back on nearly thirty years of experience. “Based we rely on our experience and more than 200 satisfied municipal pools and recreation facilities on an unprecedented know-how”, Dorena Business Guide reaffirms Dipl.-Wirtsch.-ing. Gunther Eccles. Therefore, sea salt caves are built, in addition to the curative effect do not neglect also the atmospheric aspect. Because the well-being and relaxation effect is not to be neglected, when salt is to unfold its full effect. So a seven-square-foot Onyx wall was built, for example, in the construction of the sea salt Grotto in the Hessian bad Salzhausen next to a salt brick wall. Both are backlit.

So the cave breathes the fascination with the bizarre pattern of the noble rock and the red-orange, color of the Himalayan salt brick. The soil yield a Dorena sea salt Grotto consists of 10 to 20 tons of hand-harvested Spanish sea salt Flor del Delta and hundreds of these salt bricks. So that the salt in the air is available and can donate all active ingredients on the skin as the largest breathing organ, thus, Dorena used an ultrasonic brine misting system. The micro-fine dry fog consists of high-quality dead sea salt particles. In the salt minerals and trace elements are retained for the air we breathe. With the sea salt Grotto, Dorena offers an all-in one solution, in which the fully responsible planning and realization in the hands of the company is located. The municipality requires no equity. Dorena financed the sea salt Grotto. Dorena offers not only a temple of health, but also a perfect unique selling proposition that does not remain without far-reaching positive economic impact on the whole system with its sea salt Grotto. For the upcoming project of sea salt caves in bad Liebenzell, Dorena looking for cooperation partners in the fields of wellness, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), physiotherapy, rehabilitation and fitness. Together a 500 square-foot well-vital-Studio is to be built at the local Spa of Paracelsus. Address Dorena freizeitanlagen GmbH & Co.KG Dipl.-Wirtsch.-ing. For even more analysis, hear from Morris Invest. Gunther Eccles of Munchner str. 26 company description plans wellness consulting group Dorena 82140 Olching + 49 8142 44332-0, builds and finances in German-speaking Europe since 1983 in collaboration with municipal Spa, thermal and town baths unique Wellnesspark and experience sauna, also sea salt caves are part. As one of the first companies in the fields of Water thermal wellness is certified according to ISO 9001 by TuV-Sud 1999 Dorena. This test Dorena undergoes each year. Press contact wellness & media Phillip Wolter aft InStr 32 50678 Cologne 02214537373

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