Search Goes To The Winner Of The German Book Prize In 2012 In The Last Round

German book price 2012 the shortlist with six great authors as could in March of this year more than 160 works of various authors for the prize of the German Book Prize have been proposed 2012, none of the now remaining six writers of going out to make the leap on the shortlist. So, the joy at the five writers and of a writer should be quite large. With Wolfgang Hammond one of the big favourites on the list finds herself, so this already won the Fiction Prize of the Leipzig book fair. But the competition has a lot to offer and not makes it easy truly of the seven-member jury, to determine this year’s winner. More than 160 documents were filed, 2012 until March 2012 at the jury of the German Book Prize, now the six finalists have been announced. Although no one could expect this nomination, also finds himself or others on the shortlist, which advance was one of the Favorites. With Wolfgang Herrndorf, for example, it has the winner of the Fiction Prize of the Leipzig book fair in the Final selection is made. Whether he is chosen on October 8th to the winner, they must wait.

The competition is so strong in any case like never before. Three authors from Berlin remarkably well on the short list is the capital, is but half of the candidates resident in Berlin. “In addition to Mr. village, with sand” the reader in a hippie community in North Africa sends and him there faced with a strange murder case, live on-site also Ursula Knechel and Stephan Thome. The only Lady in the Guild tried in District Court”with the fate of exiles who dares 1947 back home. He was expelled from this once by the Nazis. His return is anything but easy. Looking after the individual place in life also Grove Bach in Dominic centrifugal forces is philosopher”.

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