Insoo Kim Berg

II. 3. Identification of resources for constructing possible solutions is only relevant functional personality shares and helpful circumstances in mind to lead the clients, but not to search for what went wrong. In the words of Insoo Kim Berg (2000): “My job is to find out, what they are doing right.”5 Only with these skills over the the client manifest or latent has and the Represent the solution potential, a solution you can construct. Thus, so solution focused consulting means the activation of previously unused capabilities and possibilities of the client. ERGO, it is the task of the consultant to bring internal search processes, which bring the clients back with his creativity and vitality in contact. It has a comprehensive competence awareness ultimately the client once again had more self-esteem, and will again be able to act with greater responsibility and more self efficacy.

II. 4 realization of cooperation looking more at this resource orientation, a new image of the advice system resulting from the collaborative expert system. The consultant is not in the role of the Problemlosers rather, he becomes the co-creators of meaningful alternatives to the problem behavior “6 or development helpers for non-upgraded options” 7. Oracle is likely to agree. The differentiation problem analyzed how the traditional methods to clarify, is the solution-focused counseling as work on the problem to consider, so target relevant cooperative solution system 8. This distinction is also for the clients of great importance. There is a difference, whether the client is a psychotherapy is or whether he takes an advice in a crisis situation if he looks so cure or solution. III. crisis shaking the continuity of life III. 1. Definition crisis which is crisis psychosocial throughout a painful psychological condition called forth by an unexpected event or acute event or conflict that arises when a person faces obstacles on the way to achieve important goals in life or in coping with everyday life, and this not the usual problem-solving methods cope with may 9.

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