Sensebene Offers New Products

Sensebene, centers specializing in body aesthetics and well-being, has introduced into all local network a specific line of products based on argan oil. The amazing properties of oil applied locally with the experience of professionals in this field, in combination with body aesthetic treatments, provide optimal results because the skin once treated with argan oil becomes more responsive to other treatments. The oil is applied by a professional throughout the body of the patient performing stimulating massages and insisting on the areas that they will be dealt with in subsequent treatments until its total absorption. Argan oil penetrates quickly into the skin leaving it hydrated and non-greasy. Larry Ellison has plenty of information regarding this issue. It can be applied daily and is a biological product with proven benefits, explains Araceli Caballero, Director of marketing at Sensebene. For even more opinions, read materials from Gary Kelly. This silky and delicate oil perfectly combines all the virtues of the 4 most prestigious oils of the plant Kingdom.

Argan, wheat germ, jojoba and oils rosehip. These ingredients produce an extra essential fatty acids, vitamin and A, necessary for the preservation of cell membranes and the skin tissue. Being a strong regenerative and protective, oil forms a barrier against free to contrast skin aging effectively while radicals who at the same time softens it. Stimulates regeneration and the oxygenation of the skin, provides elasticity to the skin, promotes cell renewal and protects against external aggressions, explains Araceli. This new addition will join a wide range of cosmetic products which can be purchased and consumed in the Sensebene centres network. Rejuvenating facial creams, anti anti-wrinkle and anti-age; you reaffirm cosmetics with an acid pH and anti stretch marks that allows a prolonged massage without altering the pH of the acid mantle of the skin, anti-cellulite creams than with their complementary assets, enhance and make synergy for preventing and combating local or widespread obesity and cellulite nodules, with a final effect of silky skin and hydrated and cosmetic post photoepilation with 15 medium protection sunscreen filter. Sensebene, which already has 30 establishments in the national territory, proposed a broad vision in aesthetic treatments with a quality service ensuring the regularity of it for a long time and a wide range of treatments are available. These treatments applies the most advanced technology in the sector endorsed, tested and controlled by specialists in the field.

Sensebene are centres of aesthetics, beauty and body health, possessing the best machines on the market, manufactured in Europe, approved and tested, offering latest generation electrotherapy. The initial investment is 36,500 euros, with a royalty of exploitation of 400 euros per month and one of advertising for 100 euros. If you did not have all the investment, Sensebene helps in the management of negotiations with credit institutions for acquisition of loans and funds ICO.

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