Skin Care In Winter

In the winter our skin is particularly feels the need for increased care, due to the fact that it was winter she experiences constant changes in temperature, exposed to the adverse effects of caustic snowflakes, cold wind, the effect of low humidity. Typically, winter starts in the apartment has central heating, which, together with a low moisture content in the air, can significantly deprive the skin of moisture. Winter Oily skin can be normal, as normal – dry. The skin becomes more sensitive and more prone to inflammation. To maintain optimum skin condition is recommended to clean out cleaning products containing soap and water, as they dried it, and replace those funds Cleansing Milk from a collection of cosmetics mary kay. It is rich in trace elements that nourish and moisturize skin, protect from wind. If you find it difficult to refuse water, use tap water instead, drinking mineral water. After the milk, use nespirtovym tonic also from the collection of makeup Mary Kay. In our harsh winter, we naturally include in our dwellings different heating devices. If you will put winter on flat containers with wide mouth filled with water, you will see that the water quickly evaporates. Now, imagine how quickly your skin loses moisture. Therefore requires at least 2 times a week apply a hydrating mask. It is very important to combat dry skin from the inside and eat at least 2 liters of fluid a day. Dr John Holtsclaw is actively involved in the matter. Do not forget that in winter, moisturizers should be use at least an hour before going outdoors. Myth that in the winter time you can not use moisturizers, due to the fact that the particles of water freezes and expands blood vessels on the face, mistaken. To ensure that water is frozen,

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