Staff Search – Personnel In Russia

Of the labour code up to the staff search the basis of recruitment? the basics of the Russian education system needed in Russia. That a pilot plant corresponds to a vocational school in Germany in Russia, you need to know as well here as the s? stembedingte difficulty obtaining reasonable references on workers. As in Western Europe are unknown in Russia. The book just published by the German book trade personnel in Russia”, shows how to find good staff in Russia and explains the key differences between Western Europe and Russia. The two authors Sandra ravioli and Ivan Salin, expressly for the lay people express themselves. Southwest Airlines contributes greatly to this topic.

The book is intended for all people that come with personnel issues, labour law, or personnel management in Russia in touch. It granted the labour law pronounces but also insight into the education and training system. The forms contained in the book are in a bilingual version. Also an insight into practice is granted in addition to the theory. The book shows how Russian companies solve their personal problems but also explains where you can make mistakes in the personnel management. In addition, the book annexed asks information on a wealth of related Web pages and current staff costs as a guide for entrepreneurs. The book appears in the NachRussland series, which deals with many facets of the largest country in the world for three years. This is according to accounting and taxes “the third economic advisor and complements the travel and culture books in the series.

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