Stresses In Tap Water

Our drinking water is considered one of the cleanest waters in the world our tap water is considered one of the cleanest and best water control in the world. This is certainly true when compared with the loads that may be in the tap water. Often we hear of that just in vacation areas, developing people by drinking tap water, what is due mostly to hygienic unclean water. So germ-polluted water. Hygienic seen our tap water is so mostly harmless. Nevertheless, we all heard in the news or on the radio of warnings issued in certain areas, that the tap water should be boiled.

Besides the hygienic load are in tap water but most other substances that may be in the long term also health impairing before. E.g. substances such as lead, copper, uranium, nitrate, nitrite, asbestos, hormones, medical residues were, etc. to name just a few. How to get these substances in tap water is partly known, partly not. As reported in the December 2008 excessive uranium values at the same time more than 80 waterworks in tap water and uranium it allegedly no longer was just as suddenly as the uranium surfaced months in tap water. Where it came from remains a mystery. At hormonal stress, particularly with estrogens, it’s pretty obvious where this comes from.

For over 30 years, there is the contraceptive pill. Somewhere, everything remains. Asbestos, however, is removed from the walls of the water pipes because in the 1970s like asbestos cement was used for the construction of the tubes. Waterworks doing an excellent job, because they ensure that we have more water in sufficient quantity is available. It is also obvious that not all of these can filter out possible loads (approximately 3000). The drinking water Ordinance imposes limits for 36 possible loads should not be exceeded. This is important to understand that it is a regulation not to a law. The World Health Organization (WHO) suggests, however, for many Burdens significantly lower limits before. Why would it otherwise baby water and nitrate and nitrite to buy with the inscriptions as sterile reduced”? We summarize once again: our tap water is usually good from the hygienic point of view. The waterworks are doing a great job, but can not speak of pure drinking water. The drinking water Ordinance are limits that should not be exceeded for some substances. The WHO says many of these values would have to be significantly lower. From this fact, it is easy to infer that our tap water, when it it should be used as food for human consumption, better previously should be filtered. Cooking usually only helps load by germs. Organic substances but also partly under heavy metal stress a good charcoal filter can be very helpful. However, only the cleaning with a reverse osmosis unit helps medical residues and hormones that have been detected even in our cleanest waters of Lake Constance in not safe concentration. Thomas Wiedemann

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