The Cradle

A fly is food, not a general partner for the fly swatter (use instead of values)! Regulations of the bio-diversity: living spaces in the water, on land and in the air. Physical controls: climate zones, hydrology, geomorphology differentiation I: genetic, biological and ecological differentiation of II: breeding species, food niche, ecological benefit niches source: where the journey goes, vdbiol, WILEY-VCH Verlag about living as equal better pure sake and we humans as equal-valued guests such as plants and animals (bio diversity). Dog and cat etc. have no natural price (value), they are useful! Life-order, non-rank-order: to world > nuclear (map organic: part (matter) and wave (energy) = info) > molecule (organic, 20 amino acids > proteins: atoms and algorithm) > DNA sequence, genome in the cell’s nucleus ( bases, gene: adenine, thymine, cytosine, guanine;) Bau-Anleitung and function Guide) > 23 chromosomes > cell nucleus > fabric, networks > Phenotype: organism human genome: Baker’s yeast 51% identity with the man. Chimpanzee 99% identity with the person under a life cycle assessment (LCA life cycle assessment) refers to a systematic analysis of the environmental impacts of products throughout the entire life cycle (from the cradle to the grave”). This includes all environmental impacts during the production, the use and disposal of the product, as well as the upstream and downstream processes (E.g. production of raw materials, auxiliary and operating materials). The environmental effects include all environmental samples from the environment (E.g.

ores, crude oil) as well as the emissions into the environment (e.g.,). Waste, carbon dioxide emissions). The term of balance sheet is used in the LCA in terms of a comparison, it is not to be confused with the accounting balance sheets.! Generally we distinguish between a life cycle assessment which takes into account the environmental aspect of a single product, a comparative LCA pursued a comparison of multiple products, as well as a holistic accounting involving economic, technical or social aspects.

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