Sun And Light Warm Our Lives

The Sun – a we planned the everything owed. We could not survive without the Sun. But how do we us their power to take advantage of the use of the sun goes far back. Solar energy was employed at the ancient Egyptians make sense. Already at that time was the light of the Sun using a mirror to the rekindling of a fire used. The real use of solar energy has become feasible only in modern times. The requirements for the development of solar cells were used by the discovery of the photo effect. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Gary Kelly by clicking through. As another important development step is the end of the 19th century.

Charles Fritts built the first vacuum photo cells with a selenium layer. Thus was born the first exposure meter. Mid-20th century the first solar cells made from Silicon. The U.S. company Bell adopted the new technique. Particularly in aerospace technology, the use of solar cells was extremely important.

So was constantly working on improving. There are now almost everything with solar. The calculator up to the car, all can obtain the natural power operate. But for many people, the cost of solar technology is too expensive, even if it pays for itself over the years. The State therefore largely supports and promotes the purchase of solar systems. So is it allows people to use the power of the Sun in your own home. Heat not generated by gas, but directly from the sky in down flow. In some poorer villages assembled a provisional, improvised solar plant on the roof of the House. With the help of mirrors, the energy at a point is directed. At this point, so much energy is that they all have hot water. Although these small plants seem rather wild and unattractive, so they allow however many people hot water, because electricity is unaffordable in many countries. More on solar is built also in the richer countries. New settlements of houses are already automatically equipped with solar panels. So, cheap heating can be guaranteed. Both save the landlord and the tenant. But there is still much to do, the development may not stop.

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