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May 2009 Mar 05Por Manuel Maqueda yesterday, offering you an interview with Amanda Garces, coordinator of , a project that uses mobile phones to immigrant cellular phones workers in Los Angeles, California to send text, pictures and audio interviews from the calle.A below, chatted with one of the key people in this initiative for citizen journalism. This is Sasha Constanza-Chock, doctoral candidate at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern cell phones California (ASC), who has accumulated extensive candy bar phone experience in business through GSM base stations.
The most common example of a cellular network is the network of mobile phones (or cell phone). A mobile phone is a portable device that receives or makes calls through a cell (base station), or transmission towers. Radio waves are used to transfer signals to and from mobile phone. Motorola Large geographical areas (which cell phones represents the coverage of cellular providers a service provider) are split into cellular phone plans smaller cells to deal with the loss of the signal cellular phones line of sight you get a free cell phone when you join any of the plans and the large number of active phones in an area. Each cell has a range HTC de.25 20 mobile phones miles or more, typical values are 5 miles and entre.5, overlaps with wireless providers each other. All cells are connected to switches lines to communicate with the public telephone network switches or other mobile phone companies.
When a mobile phone user moves from one cell to another, automatically switch the device and the cell with the plans strongest signal (indicated by the device) to move to a new radio channel (frequency). ites. all the plans include free cell phones When the free phones device responds through the new cell, the switch is connected to this exchange.
With CDMA Free cell phones the process is different. Multiple devices share a specific radio channel, the signals are Samsung separated using a pseudoruido code (PN code of slider phone the English Pseudonoise Code) for each specific phone. As the user moves from one wireless phones cell LG to another device is connected to multiple cells (or sectors on the same site) simultaneously. This is known as soft handover by because, unlike traditional mobile free cell phones with every plan phones, there is no Nokia defined point where the device switches to the new cell.

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