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Named Jose Ignacio de Juana Chaos, his family was not close to the Basque or Basque nationalism. His father, Daniel Juan Rubio, was a doctor, born in Miranda de Ebro (Burgos) and participated in the Civil War as a lieutenant in the Army assimilated Franco, being awarded a campaign medal, two red crosses and a cross of war. He joined the Falange in 1943. His mother, Esperanza Chaos, born in the 1920s in Tetuan, capital of the Spanish protectorate of Morocco, was the daughter of a soldier, for there at that time.
The couple moved to Legazpia due to the work of Daniel de Juana, the company’s medical business Echeverria Patricio Elorza (which earned the title of Count of Echeverria Legazpia during Franco), a major steel mills in Gipuzkoa. The mansion where they were born and lived the two children of the marriage, Altamira (now divorced from , son of Army Commander Jose Maria Herrera, was murdered by ETA in 1977) and Jose Ignacio, near the house was headquarters of the Guardia Civil in the village. Ignacio de Juana often played soccer with the children of the civil guards. Even when a child was moved to San Sebastian with his family, and lived there until 1983.
Of Nursing Studies. He did military service in Alcala de Henares, receiving an endorsement from the municipality of Madrid on May 27, 1977 for their participation in extinguishing a fire that was declared in the city between 15 and 20 April of that year.
Is part of the second promotion of the Ertzaintza (established 1982). However, in 1983 fled to France after discovering they belonged to ETA. The police investigation on his links with ETA had caused the arrest of a member of ETA with weapons stolen in a Commissioner of the Ertzaintza.

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