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Real estate funds remains attractive for institutional investors despite the bad news to the current draft of the law on the introduction of termination and holding periods for open-end real estate funds, as well as write-downs in recent months, can be still real estate a great importance of the asset class. The consultancy agreements Alpha comes to this conclusion in their current study of real estate investments from institutional clients “. 97 institutional investors participated in the study. Real estate investments are still attractive for institutional clients. After months of uncertainty in the current crisis, many professional investors in the asset class have a much more important role in the basic portfolio to real estate. Currently have more than 70 per cent of institutional investors, real estate investments, its stock rising. Pino Sergio, CEO of WGF AG, a Dusseldorf real estate trade and investmenthauses, is also convinced of the attractiveness of German real estate investments: the quality of German Real estate is excellent in the international comparison. If also the business model of the emission House convinced institutional investors and financial market professionals alike, the asset class remains real estate despite the current developments – also remains attractive for investors.” Open-ended real estate funds represent the most popular form of investment that offer a low risk and a high degree of diversification.

About 56 percent of the respondents have already decided to invest in this investment vehicle. This is underpinned by the strong inflows amounting to 2.7 billion euros since the beginning of this year. The central finding of the study is the increasing importance of real estate investments. The selection criteria in the investment process, as well as the expectations of investors against the company are reflected in the study. In addition, it examined the role and the increasing relevance of the theme of sustainability in real estate investments. The current study of real estate investments from institutional clients”with all detailed evaluations and interpretations can see are alpha/studien.php be downloaded.

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