The Aesthetic

The aesthetic fonoaudiolgico treatment involves the following stages: Anamnese, where it will be investigated the factors that can influence in the sprouting and face aggravation of rugas. The evaluation, that consists of the verification of the face musculatura, of the cervical neck and, in rest and activity, thus observing the muscular functioning and its direct relation with the estomatogmticas functions? breath, suction, chew, deglutition and speak. The fonoterapia, that will be defined in accordance with the individual necessities of each patient, involving the following stages: cleanness of the skin; hidratao of the skin; awareness of the paper of the aesthetic musculatura in the face one; general face exercises; muscular reinforcement; adequacy of the estomatogmticas functions; specific muscular exercises; active and passive face massage; stimulation of the face motor points; muscular relaxation; face draining after-surgical daily pay and; maintenance of the daily muscular activity in house. The sessions are of approximately 45 minutes, a time per week. The treatment is indicated from the 30 years, preventive and/or correctively, as the necessity. The orientaes of the exercises must be followed correctly for the efficient result of the treatment. Some contraindications for the aesthetic fonoaudiolgico treatment exist as: skins with acne, six first months of after-surgical face and Bioplastia.

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