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It’s not a secret that would start a business requires an initial investment to buy equipment and lease the premises. But in a crisis, all costs should be as justified and all attachments must give the maximum returns. Save money on renting the rooms can be really, that by choosing an area for future store on easier, but it is fraught with a small profit in the future. Hence we conclude – on the tenancy to save it makes no sense, the store should be there where it should. But on the purchase of commercial equipment can and should save money. But we should not rush to any low-cost commercial equipment, for the most part – is second-hand equipment or used. Most popular of commercial equipment used are – Lari, showcases and refrigerated cabinets.

Need to pay attention where and how to operate the equipment, as a rule it completely killed the model, who would live a couple of months. But there is a class of second-hand equipment, which is not inferior in performance to the new – the equipment marked with exhibition design. Such equipment has been demonstrated for several days at stands selling companies and work at minimum load conditions. Of course, to call these model used is difficult enough, but the new can not be called, especially since the majority of instances there is no original packaging. Of these the greatest number of popular among novice traders use gel used, which themselves can become outlets. Or cabinet used for the purchase of which can save a good amount without risking the quality of the equipment.

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