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Cosmopolitan big city flair, a mild Mediterranean climate and a lively nightlife. Izmir is perfect for a weekend! Istanbul is without doubt the most popular city destination in Turkey. Built on two continents mega-city comes up with numerous and most interesting sights. The difficulty for tourists is that they are in a few days can not even look at anything that has to offer the 15-million city. Other hand, is much more manageable Izmir, the beautiful port city with palm-lined avenues and an architecture inspired by the Southern colonial style. Izmir is located on a wonderful bay with a kilometer-long beach promenade that invites you to stroll. The coast line lapped by clear waters adjacent to wide, with rocks, pine forests and olive groves beaches. Izmir is one of the most famous sons, Homer. He gave the world immortal works like the “Iliad”. In Turkey, Izmir is considered the “westernized city” of the country. This fact owes the old”Smyrna,” the fact that it has always been very cosmopolitan. Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans, Greeks, Armenians and Jews have all left their mark. In the Ottoman Empire, the city even “Gavur Izmir” ( “incredulous Izmir”) was called because there were non-Muslim Turks, the majority population. According to public opinion are the daughters of today multicultural port city of the prettiest in the country. Many Turkish beauty queens and top models come from Izmir. Izmir has 3.5 million inhabitants and is to Istanbul and Ankara, the third largest city of Turkey. One attraction is the lively, original preserved old town with its bustling business and the numerous cafes and restaurants. The seeds Kulesi, the clock tower, is the symbol of Izmir, and was built in 1901 and is on the Konak Square visit. In the vicinity there is also a large shopping center. The most important shopping center of the city and one of the most beautiful bazaars of Turkey isKemeralti in the district, where there is also the 16th Built-century Hisar Camii Mosque can be visited. In Alsancak, the pedestrian area of Izmir, attracting many, some very modern and exquisite shops to an extensive shopping tour. As New York’s, his is much beloved, this is the Izmiraner the “Kltrpark” with its lake and a zoo. The large lungs of the city attracts each summer hundreds of thousands of people.

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