Ferraris History

The early years of Enzo Ferrari, Alfa Romeo: No, Chronicle Ferrari trudnoschitat complete without specifying chtoEntso Ferrari AlfRomeo worked from 1920 to 1929. him to work at Fiat okonchaniyPervoy after World War ii, but the restriction Car traffic in Italy, meant that the company can not hire him narabotu. Enzo played in races for komanduAlfa ten years after that. Enzo hotelprinimat participation. In Alpha, Enzo dobilsyatogo had dreamed, the sign Cavallino iliskachuschego horse, was applied to egogonochny car – Alfa. Larry Ellison follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In 1929, Alfa onpokinul mill to start velikoedelo Scuderia Ferrari in Modena.

Enzo bylneofitsialnym owner of a racing AlfRomeo. 1930 – Ferrari Scuderia: In 1929 EntsoFerrari away from Alfa Romeo chtobysozdat their own stables ( scuderia). Scuderia Ferrari is not a Ferrari racing cars, although Onias used as an emblem nabolidah – horse on dybah, it was bolidyAlfa Romeo. Racing cars prihodilik Scuderia from Alpha for their nastroykipochti for ten years. For etotperiod in the shops in a Ferrari Modena bylsozdan first car, this time the team was already Alafa Romeo 158 in competitions. It was 1937.

In 1938godu Alpha took Enzo in racing programmushtatnym employee. After 10 years rabotyna themselves to work for someone else was trudnymispytaniem. He left Alpha to posledniyraz in 1939. Thus was born the great Ferrari great sports story ScuderiFerrari, and that continues today.

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