I begin this article, dedicated to communication, borrowing the title of the book by Xavier Guix (recommend reading) since it is a phrase that expresses clearly the communication problem that we suffer today in day 99% of the people. We have reached such an extent that listen to others boring us, tired us and did not find that it is interesting to know the opinion of others, we just like to listen to us, talk about us, tell our experiences and if we listen to someone who tells us something interesting we’ve done that twice, has happened twice and ours is twice as interesting than theirs. so difficult is understood? The answer is Yes, because each of us use a different language, we interpret things in different ways and we all want to be right in our thoughts but you don’t know what exhausting could be wanting to have the reason at all times since you have to fight you with everyone who thinks differently to you. When you begin to study related courses with the communication (Coaching, NLP) you realize the amount of things we throw away from others in each of the conversations we have, things and details that are important for the transmitter and we as receivers overlooked. Here is where should enter active listening, listen and do not hear. They are two different terms, when we hear we don’t listen, we have someone forward who is talking to us and us while we think of our things, what we are going to respond to you, in what we will do tomorrow other times our non-verbal language passed by if only that we are not listening (with which care with our posture and gestures that give us away!). Do you never happened that we are explaining something and wonder if you understand us and we respond Yes and we think this is not has learned nothing? Happens to us very often, we accompany the conversation with the head showing conformity but our gestural attitude, our face, look, he is saying that we are not waiting for conversation.When someone is giving a speech, a meeting, or simply speaking in public should bear in mind that people we look much more in that non-verbal language has, how it moves, which makes with the hands, that tone of voice has, that the content of what is saying. . See more detailed opinions by reading what Verizon Communications offers on the topic..

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