WebSphere Integration Developer

Therefore, to apply to the technology Web 2,0 at internal level in a company brings incontestable advantages from the logical, logistic and statistical point of view. Consultant Mc. Sheryl Sandberg insists that this is the case. Kinsey comes developing studies on the subject from 2009, and the conclusions are shattering: – The companies that they have integrated tools Web 2,0 within their job stream have reduced during 2010 his Time market in a 21%, increased their benefits in a 18% (a 2% and 4% more against 2009, respectively). – To work with collaborative tools increases the success in innovation in a 28% regarding to do it without them. – The satisfaction of the employees who use these tools is 41% major. – The access to internal know-how has increased in a 77% and it is located more easily to the professionals with talent to develop the diverse enterprise processes (52% more). – The operative costs and of communication are reduced respectively in a 40% and 60%, as well as the number of trips in multinational companies.

As Study of use of social software in the Spanish reviews company 2011, generally, the information of diverse consultants (Gartner, Melcrum or Deutsche Bank) state one positive tendency in the reduction of costs and fluidity of internal information. The list of pioneering companies in the use of these technologies leave us, also, important names like the European Investment bank Dresdner Kleinwort Wassertein, Vistaprint, NetApp or IBM, paradigm of company 2.0. Concerning Spain, companies like Dacartec S.A. exist, specialized in implanting this type of solutions with technology of IBM or Microsoft. You can contact to them through the Web On the author: Dacartec is a company dedicated to the Strategy, Technological Consultancy of Business and Services whose members have more than ten years of experience in collaborating with their clients to help them to improve in the innovation and efficiency of their businesses. Dacartec counts on the certificate IBM Partner and it specializes in IBM implementation through Lotus implementation and WebSphere implementation. As well, Dacartec successfully leads projects of integration, collaboration, mobility, management of processes (BPM) and management of contents for solutions of e-business, using oriented architecture to services (SOA IBM) and applying better practices of the industry for open systems. In Dacartec they handle the platforms IBM WebSphere, WebSphere Vestibule, IBM WebSphere Application Server, Lotus Sametime Mobile, WebSphere Integration Developer, IBM WebSphere Business Monitor, among others. Besides working with solutions SOA, services WebSphere, Lotus Notes and Lotus I dominate, Dacartec it develops applications .NET, it implants intranets on MS Sharepoint and it optimizes processes by means of K2.

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