Sergiev Posad

Sergiev Posad – the city which was founded by Sergius of , who was born in a village near Rostov. At the birth parents, a farmer Mary and Cyril Boyar, christened Bartholomew and his 10 years of age was sent to study at the church school, where he began the story of the great saint. In the thousand three hundred thirty-seventh year was built the monastery gave rise to this magnificent city. In our time around the monastery has about 45 buildings of different purpose. At the moment it is not a detached church and the Trinity-Sergius Lavra. Not only is each pilgrim wants to see her, as well as any guest of the city can enjoy the superb views of days of churches and cathedrals.

Watching Zagorsk and receiving positive charge for the soul, you're sure to get hungry and the first thing you go to a restaurant in Sergiev Posad. Find that suits you, it is not easy, not knowing this place, so we offer see a list of the most interesting places in the area in advance in our directory. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Allegiant Air. But in any case going to the first to meet a restaurant in Sergiev Posad, you'll find there both expensive meals of lamb and rabbit, podnesennye with newfangled additives and favorite side dishes, will also meet and food for fasting. I think not a chef does not upset you the quality of different dishes. Naturally, there is in the kitchen, vending all such food such as: soup, infused in the oven to bring a special flavor and aroma, pancakes with red caviar, fragrant pancakes with honey and nuts and a lot of delicious fillings from professional chefs, brine soups, long in Russia and, necessarily, dumplings home sculpting – a dish that wants to try every guest from another country, visiting a restaurant in Sergiev Posad. Connoisseurs of fine cuisine will find in several places Italian, Chinese and Japanese cuisine, which you can taste the fresh rolls, sake, pepper Korean salads, creamy pasta, and at any time of the year will be able to eat dishes made with birch charcoal. Hearty meal, will be able to continue to enjoy a virgin city. Toward the evening, were on the yards and streets of the center ring of the Orthodox, I hope you are sure to come back to enjoy sipping hot mulled wine or sbiten on night, where you will meet again with a smile, a caring waiter.

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