Since ancient times, people's attention to engage the various inexplicable, mysterious phenomena or events, mystical places on Earth. Dreaming to unravel any riddle of the Earth, to learn the secret world through divination or clairvoyance, with becomes every day more and more. Many are interested in the mysteries of the pyramids and their possible relationship with alien residents. In general, pyramids, and not just Egyptian, increased interest in itself by any rights, as phenomenon of construction of the pyramids are not amenable to logical explanation of modern man. But in a world quite a lot of different facts and mysterious phenomena, as an example, graubelsky corpse.

This body of men who found in Denmark, in marshland. At the time of detection, this body of thought, who found it quite 'fresh' to call the police on professional discovery. But after investigations revealed that the body lay in a swamp and a half thousand years. Examination, based on analysis of food from the stomach of a man, allowed to come to that conclusion. None of the doctors could not explain why the body is not subjected to degradation. Only, but unconvincing version that came as a preservative in the water, in which, allegedly, a special structure. But this version was not confirmed, because in this area was no longer found any dead animals or human corpses preserved for so long.

You can also recall, as something unusual and mysterious, and Hope diamond. Unusual prominence this diamond has brought a chain of unexplained circumstances: all of his owners died tragically. In list haunt as the ability of other people for clairvoyance, treatment. Many people would like to possess such a gift, but in reality, it rarely given to anyone.

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