Orthotic Insoles

Orthotic insoles for prevention and treatment of flatfoot. According to medical statistics, every second teenager to twelve years are diagnosed with flat feet. Flat feet can be corrected until the finished active growth stops. For this made corrective orthotics, providing directional pressure on the growing skeleton of the foot. Orthotics need to invest in footwear having a rigid heel and fixation on the rise of the foot. Flatfoot inevitably affects the state of the musculoskeletal system as a whole. If you suffer from flat feet, primarily, the amortization feature of the foot, which increases the load on all overlying the joints of the lower extremities and spine. Orthotics have a certain relief, and by what turns out to be therapeutic effect. Orthotics used to treat and prevent various Forms flat (longitudinal, transverse, flat-valgus deformity of the foot), as well as other diseases and stop the musculoskeletal system as a whole.

Flatfoot causes: the disease of spine (osteochondrosis, hernia discs, scoliosis, sciatica, fatigue, back muscles, back pain), a disease of the pelvis (sakroielit, koksoartroz), a disease of the knee (deforming arthrosis of the knee, meniscus inflammation, sinovid, razboltannost ligaments of the knee joint), a disease of the foot (heel spurs, neuroma, calluses, Tendo-vaginitis, corns, bursitis, curving toes, diabetic foot) and other pain (back pain, leg pain, heaviness in the legs, sciatica). Orthotics differ depending on their assignment: massage, silicone insoles, disposable insoles, sport, gel insoles, children’s insoles, thermal insoles and others. Insoles for children, as well as women and Men’s orthotics correcting various types of flatfoot, you can use shoes without harm to health and not to overload the leg in sports, as well as the right to form the arch from the early childhood. Customized orthotics are manufactured specifically for the shape of patient’s foot with regard to its anatomical features and the necessary correction of all the arches are called. This is the main difference from insoles, which are made for the average patient with an average of foot pathology. Pain in any part of the body – a sign of trouble. Heel pain is often a signal that the arch can not cope with loads, gradually developing age-flat. Feet need additional external support in the form of insoles.

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