Exchange Level

“A green plaque with the inscription monitoring” also means that the carrying capacity is not affected and the shelf still can be loaded according to his load plate. The only change in the handling of the shelf is that it needs to be monitored from now on. The faulty component is for example a colour coding to highlight and must in the next examination be checked again. Should worsen the damage for any reason, can skip the Green threat level in the Orange. Damage, which the Orange threat level assigned to required action as soon as possible, in the form of an Exchange or a repair of the affected component. A lack of category orange doesn’t mean however, that the shelf must be immediately unloaded and repaired. A discharge of the storage facility take place however, these may be not loaded before the repair.

The empty shelves of the user is to lock up to the repair. Marking with an orange rework “badge provides a repair within the next 4 weeks. Can this time limit cannot be met, the Orange is replaced with the Red test badge. The most serious danger level is with the Red defect “badge made visible. It represents a particularly serious damage, which has an immediate emptying of the shelf to the result.

This is followed by a revocation of the facility, for example, by a shut-off cable. The block remains until the defective part replaced and lifted the Red danger level. Shelf labelling is stuck in a clearly visible place on the rack system. The date of the inspection is to be entered and the orange badge also the deadline for the repair. You will receive plaques to mark the Green, Orange and Red danger level in the online shop which brewes GmbH. conclusion is to say that not only the auditor or the safety officer for the healthy state of the storage facilities is responsible for the expert inspection.

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