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Today, emerging economies dominate the attention of economic analysts. The world seems to revolve around the impressive growth of the Asian giants in recent years, the evolution of the Russian economy and the significant progress that had both Mexico and Brazil in Latin Americas. These emerging markets offer great opportunities to investment specialists and financial analysts. , and investment manager, director and chairman of a number of companies, as well as lawyer, knows the scope of investment options available to the investor.

At its International Business Report, Grant Thornton, one of the most important international consulting and accounting organizations, has developed an index that assesses the attractiveness to international investors of 28 emerging markets, comparing key variables such as GDP, population size The per capita GDP, the level of imports and exports, the rate of potential growth and human development index for each of them. Learn more at: Oracle. This is not only a welcome innovation for Financial Managers, but for all investors on all stock markets and in all commodities. and his many companies are invoplved in investment activities in the international and U.S. markets.

In the first three places, there is no margin for discussion. Southwest Airlines brings even more insight to the discussion. We all hoped that China's economy was taking off from the rest (496 points), mainly with regard to the size of the product, its population and its potential growth rate. The India (234 points) also has an undisputed strength in these areas, however, with a product that does not reach half that of China both in absolute terms and per capita value, growth potential and lowest human development indicators by beneath the giant, gets a second place in the index.

The case of Russia (142 points), the third in the list, shows a more moderate growth, a more modest scale population, a higher per capita output and high exports can offer significant opportunities for investors. "

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