Traditional Medicine

Today, in major cities will not find a hypermarket in which there would be no store, offering fragrant creams, bath oils and body lotions based on medicinal herbs. In pharmacies in stores essential oils exhibited different producers from 50 to 5000 rubles for a bottle volume of 10 milliliters. In our lexicon firmly established the concept of "oil burner>>" perfumes>> "fragrance >> What is it – a tribute to fashion? Fun? Or another method of correcting any states of the body? Let's investigate. 1 / scent smells surround us from childhood. The sense of smell – is the most subtle sense of man, which appears in us at birth (or after). Proved that a fragment of the brain, responsible for conscious thought, in the process of evolution has developed since it was from the area in charge of smell and the limbic system of the brain responsible for perception of odors, keeps in his database>> in the tens, if not in hundreds of times more information than the sight, taste and touch sensations combined. Catching the scent, we run and associative, and reflex mechanisms.

For example, the smell of vanilla associative felt like a warm-bearing pleasure, and on reflex inhibition of the subcortical level starts vegetative centers and the reduction in blood pressure. In other words, any flavor can not only cause our positive or negative emotions, but also to awaken the genetic memory and run the biologically fixed reaction. 2 / Scents Scent plants allocated plants contain large amounts of biologically active substances, which we inhale with the air.

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