Tunnel Territory

In June 2006, Mohamed Anwar El Maghribi Cura Ali and Saeed Ali Taha, Mohamed Hassan, arrived in Moscow airport Sheremetyevo-2 'on a tourist visa to Russia. However, the investigators determined that the Egyptians originally came to Russian territory is not the purpose of tourism. From Russia, they expected to illegally enter the territory of Western Europe through Belarus. Mohamed and Said got to the Belarusian-Polish border by train and on passing vehicles. On the border They began to dig a tunnel under the barbed wire with a spoon for shoes.

The first attempt illegal crossings into the territory of another state has been successful. However, overseas offenders get lost in the Polish forests. After some time they again came to the fence of barbed wire. Thinking that this border with Germany, the Egyptians again apply proven methods of transition to the other side. However, this time at the crime scene they found the border. It turned out that the citizens of Egypt tunnel dug back into the territory of Belarus. After the detention guards, and Said Mohammed were sentenced to administrative arrest. Once they have served their term in Belarus, violators were sent to the Egyptian embassy in Moscow for the extradition to his homeland.

In this case, they managed to escape from the train Minsk-Moscow on the bus to go to the side of the border, this time the Russian-Ukrainian. There they were, and was detained by Russian border guards while trying to tunnel. Egyptians accused of trying to illegally pass the border of the Russian Federation. In anticipation of the court of their imprisoned.

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