Bulgaria Real Estate

Most Russian citizens are interested in buying overseas property, located in the resorts of European countries. Bulgaria – one of those states, which is attractive for foreign purchases Real Estate. The State situated in the south-eastern part of Europe and is one of the smallest countries in population and area. Bulgaria is famous for its ski resorts and the Black Sea, balneologic facility. A country with a long history, dating back to the mists of time, the rich culture and traditions.

Bulgaria from 01.01.07 in the European Union, buying property in Bulgaria, owner of facilitating the acquisition of currently a Schengen visa, which allows movement in the cities of Europe. According to Bulgarian legislation, any foreign citizen the right to purchase commercial or residential property. The right to acquire land sites has only a legal entity. Land can be leased, the period which can be unlimited. Foreigners on a par with Bulgarian citizens enjoy equal rights in the sale of property or putting it out. The process of investing in property in Bulgaria is as follows. After selecting the Acquirer before making a purchase advance for reservations and withdrawals from the sale of the object for a specified period.

The cost of deposit does not exceed 10% of property value and usually ranges from 1000 to 2000 euros. When you purchase this amount will be included in the cost of housing. Redundancy is a guarantee that the property is sold during this period. In case of refusal purchases made by an advance is not refundable. Followed by the conclusion of a preliminary sale and purchase agreement with a notary, which describe in detail the object of sale, the rights and obligations of the parties, purchase price, amount and intervals of payments, sanctions in case of refusal of purchase and sale of properties, which are then transferred into the final contract. Purchase of primary residence must be accompanied by documents of permission to the right Construction, issued by the authorities and documents on land ownership. Secondary housing market in Bulgaria's underdeveloped and inferior in quality to the primary. In the case of buying second homes, it passes diligence and is calculated and paid registration fees. After that, the notary is the design and certification of ownership. In signing the notarial documents, you must have only passport. The preliminary contract can not be at the request of the parties, and immediately signed the final. The final agreement be notarized. Since then, the buyer has a document on the basis of which he received the documents on the property. The following is a mandatory procedure for registering the purchase in court. Awaiting court decision is not more than three weeks. Further, within two months should submit a declaration of acquired property to the tax office. A visa for a short stay in Bulgaria for foreign nationals is made within 6 months up to 3 months. If the investment amount exceeds 50,000 euros, period increases to 12 months. Obtaining citizenship is possible after their stay in the country for over 5 years.

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