The Relationship

Probably worth a little walk through the men who were destined to be born and nurtured in the hothouse environment rather on the basis of All inclusive. Here, too, has its own own psychology of family relations. In this category there are representatives of those who at some point coming out of the coils, because to live in, "when you have nothing more to want," it is simply intolerable. And these men is an incredible breakthrough that triggered the spring, which was a very long time in a compressed state. The boy was so long in the regime of strict regulations, that he formed the belief willy nilly, chtopsihologiya family relationship is built on the principle of the success of both actors, and is measured by material benefits achieved in the joint union. A relationship between a man and a woman must first turn elevate this alliance and increase investment. Question dating for marriage is simplified by the fact that both men know exactly what they want.

They are both obsessed with a view to their own success in life, their common interests, common circle of acquaintances. And yet, the man who knows the taste of good life, and confident that his psychology of family relations meets the highest standards of his society, is often faced with inconsistencies own view about the relationship between a man and a woman with that kind of suffering is not too attention-deficit to his own person. At first, everything seems to be perfectly composed and romantic date, noisy parties, picnics, stylish gifts, but as soon as start a serious relationship, between this man and this woman starts disagreements, most often from childhood that they developed frank egocentrism.

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