INOX Aluminum

Refresh your memory of the smell of rotten eggs (not quite a pleasant memory, right?) – This is just the smell of hydrogen sulfide above. And foods that contain sulfur or calcium (Eggs, dairy products, pickles, sauces), can leave behind the dark spots. So keep food on the long-term storage in aluminum cookware is not recommended, and cook in it, as it turns out, it is not safe health. Of course, you can always choose a dish from the less aggressive materials such as cast iron or stainless steel … But the conviction of aluminum as a material for kitchen utensils, not only premature, but incompetent. But the fact is that modern dishes made of aluminum produced in conjunction with non-stick coating. By the way, non-stick aluminum cookware "REGENT INOX" manufactured with advanced Japanese technology, environmentally friendly and safe. This coating does not react with all imaginable with organic solvents, oxidizers, alkalis, acids and other elements of the periodic table, and therefore any food or household detergents.

Conclusion – food contact with the aluminum can not be! But the ability of aluminum heats quickly and retain heat remained completely intact … now, all known health services to adequately investigate and monitor the effect of aluminum on the human body. And advised to get rid of old specimens without coating aluminum cookware, recommending dishes to go out stainless steel or aluminum cookware with non-stick coating – note also the aluminum! But back to the most aluminum cookware – its species, subspecies and modifications … Perhaps, the most common dishes from now this stuff – tableware made of extruded aluminum, it is somewhat cheaper than the cast, which is contributing to its widespread popularity.

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