Veneer Doors

The most popular use today veneer doors (also known as paneled). Let us see why. What is it? Modern veneered door – is a multi- construction consisting of wood, sheet materials and natural veneer made of wood. Frame and an array of fabrics panel doors are made from natural, well-dried wood (cheap doors may be filled with paper honeycombs). An array of superimposed intermediate layer sheet material (eg, hdf or MDF), which gives extra strength construction.

Next is wrapping all details veneer of noble wood: oak, walnut, cherry, wenge, anegry, mahogany, zebrawood, etc. Then the door ready to be covered with polyurethane varnish, by which a product becomes necessary shade keeps the texture of wood and protects against moisture. In veneered interior doors can also be inserted into art glass. Properties Benefits veneered internal doors obvious. Not yielding to the door of solid wood in the aesthetics and durability, panel doors and much cheaper than comfortable with the fluctuations in humidity. Door manufacturers of high quality knit items leaf length and multi-layered glue them on the plane. Thanks to this technology the doors do not warp. Cost The cost depends on what species of wood you choose for veneering, but the main , the price depends on the technology of the door. For example, has a value of tree species from which the frame and the inner filling, the quality of wood processing, as well as a solid wood is used – Uniform or not. Doors, the internal array that is filled with paper honeycombs, are considerably cheaper.

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