New 3D-monitor Zalman ZM-M215W

Zalman company announced the expansion of 3D-line monitors, the new model ZM-M215W. Novelty has a screen diagonal of 21.5 "(54.6 cm), which is half an inch smaller than the previous model ZM-M220W. At the same time with a smaller amount of matrix, this monitor has higher resolution: it now amounts to 1920×1080 pixels (Full HD). Read more here: Larry Ellison. Monitor Zalman interlacing is divided into regions with different polarization: the left and right eyes. On these areas served different picture. If you wear glasses (which are in set), then through the right lens will be seen the odd lines, through the left – even.

Putting on the glasses, the viewer sees the complete picture. Special driver handles the signal going to monitor that is, to a picture going in the left eye, described the object is displayed at a slight angle to the left, and for the right eye – on the contrary, on the right. That is achieved by volumetric object perception. Unlike approaches Zalman and nvidia is that the monitor is compatible with technology nvidia 3D Vision, should have a refresh rate of 120 Hz to provide for each eye image at 60 Hz, and to share pictures to the right and left eyes using special glasses. These points are not based on polarizing filters, like the Zalman, but are heavier and more expensive device, generating a short-term "shadowing" each lens separately. That is, the picture is not shared across the line, like Zalman, but through the frame. Points Zalman have more simple but no less effective design, and, if damaged, can be purchased for very reasonable money (the recommended retail price of 457 rubles). The rest of the technologies are similar, even, they support one and the same computer programs: players, games, etc. The only difference is in the process of implementation and cost. Sales novelty is assumed since April goda.: * Resolution: 1920×1080 * Number of Colors: 16.7 million * Screen size: 476.64 x 268.11 mm pixels * Size: 248.25 x 248.25 m * Brightness: 300 cd/m2 * Contrast: 1000:1 * Viewing Angle 2D: 170 (horizontal) / 160 (vertical) viewing angle * 3D: 90 (horizontal) / 12 (vertical) * Response Time: 5 ms * Inputs: o Audio: 3,5 mm o Analog: 15Pin D-Sub o Digital: DVI-D (HDCP) * Speakers System: 2h2Vatt

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