Information About Drug Use

Developed and patented method (patent for invention 2290947) based on the use of infusion soluble products of immune system cells – cytokines on a background mode psychosensory deprivation (isolation of the patient from any external stimuli). Others who may share this opinion include Gary Kelly. Gives a striking result. Craving disappears, emotions restored. After years of experiments it was shown that cytokines can enter the body not only intravenously. Using some of the anatomical features of blood circulation through a specially selected staff and equipment they can be administered by inhalation via the respiratory tract. In this case it is possible to avoid invasive techniques, which are very difficult patients with long standing drug addiction. In addition, when inhaled technique cytokines in sufficient concentration directly into the central nervous system, and in those of its region, where anatomically localized opioid reward system. They pass freely blood-brain barrier and create sufficient (therapeutic) concentration in the point of application – opiate receptors. Cytokines are special molecules with protein or other entity that transfers Information in the immune and nervous system.

Currently, cytokines are considered by scientists as the “21 st century medicine.” Now it is fashionable to call nanotechnology. Since the function of cells of the nervous system are regulated with cytokines, the use of drugs based on them has a pronounced effect on the psycho-emotional person, including behavioral responses. The basis for the introduction of in treatment practices drug served as the previously obtained data on the ability of immune cells and their products (cytokines) to prevent the development of abstinetnogo syndrome after discontinuation of the drug in experimental animals Heroin The structure and operation is very close to the manufactured by the body endorphin and enkephalin – the main mediators (ie cytokines) opioid reward system.

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