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Sell movies on the Internet with producers against illegal downloads and video clubs in danger of extinction, the studies are exploring how to be profitable on the Web now selling movies on the Internet comes to the rescue with its thousands of users daily. Large studies have not yet closed agreements, so that the supply is reduced. The service, currently only in the United States costs less than three euros for film, broadcast by streaming (viewing without downloading), without advertising and with a viewing room for up to 72 hours. In Spain, pay to watch a movie over the Internet is crazy, but there are various websites that offer this service a catalog of nearly a thousand movies, offers the possibility to rent (for a few euros) or buy the securities. Jose Monleon, director of new technologies Filmax, acknowledges that “demand is growing, although still low. But this is a potential market, and soon will debut many films directly on the Web. The market Spanish: Other pages began renting and selling movies for download, but the imposition of the copy was incompatible with a system and not satisfy the users. So the new version opts for streaming and rental to 1.39 euros.

Most sol tendered? Childrens films, erotic. In the future there will be more sites of this style digital technology, even a great threat, it also offers advantages to these establishments. You can enable a dialogue with customers want to know what movies look, eliminating the requirement to have a large archive of movies, often useful only for decorative purposes. In short, join the Internet if you can not beat him.

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