First, do not have to buy spare body parts in shops or markets. Virtually any breakers or near the garage cooperative abandoned car bodies there any brands. Despite the outward unsightly, abandoned in any such body is quite possible to find quality parts, without exaggeration, millions of rubles. On the beat, tend to remain in good condition, spars, mud flaps, floor of the vehicle. At the very virtually intact rusty roof and pillar. With inomarochnymi bodywork is even easier. It’s no secret that most of the imported machines do not even customs clearance, and is broken down into parts.

In the first place to sell them add-on components – lights, lights, glass, engine, and what remains – a naked body, dumped on a landfill. The only problem is to isolate the necessary details of the trash and turn them into a set of necessary spare parts. Specializing on a ‘production’ is usually enough car with a trailer, battery capacity of at least 150 amp-hours and a voltage converter from 12 to 220 volt power not less than 1 kilowatt, which is making available to any competent enthusiast. A team of two men, armed with an electric hammer and angle cutting machine, cut up any body in place for approximately 2 hours. In this experimental ‘carvers’ does not isolate the elements of separately (eg, longitudinal, rear panel), and cut in collecting all that is required. For example, if damaged the rear of the car cut off, and then a few seams are welded all, that is located on the back Body crossmember. Reinforce the seams welded step reduction of points. A rack-and rapids lay additional reinforcement elements to compensate for reduced strength of the body.

With this approach, the cost of parts (and works!) needed for recovery, for example, ‘Lada’, in this case is reduced to a few times! The next step – lowering the costs of reconstruction. It should first reduce spending on depreciation of equipment used. Old cars do not need expensive lifts, stacks, etc. For repairs, say, the bottom and anything that requires access from the bottom, only three old tires that allow to put car on its side. (However, it should be put skillfully so as not to damage the painting.) To fix parts that can not be replaced, make extensive use of turnbuckle and stretching. They are not as convenient as hydraulic cylinders, but they can be easy to make artisan. The effort achieved a banner with a diameter of 40 mm screw, is enough to break the body ‘Lada’ apart. Also created in this adaptation of the voltage remains constant and allows us to keep the details under load for several hours. Generally, as we have seen, the car can be patched themselves up to infinity. We saw the machine on which the area exceeds the area of native Latok metal body.

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