Acai Berry

The Acai is the fruit of a Palm (Euterpe Oleracea), which only grows in the rainforest North of the Brazil. These trees, called Acaizeiros, about 25 feet tall, thin, slightly curved trunk rise in these humid regions and close to rivers (in particular of the Amazon). The Acaizeiro fruit is round, about 10-14 mm diameter, dark purple, almost black and grew up in the Palm tree in the form of clusters called horns, producing consistently 35 per tree. In this region of the world there is no difference between the seasons, so it can be viewed in a same tree: flowers, green fruits and ripe fruits. Thus, the production of Acai is constant throughout the year and thanks to its high nutritional value and their healing powers, forms the basis of the power of the people of that region. The native Indians of the Amazon have harvested it for hundreds of years. They climb the Palm tree and cut off the horns of Acai which then shelled. The fruit can be eat directly or as the majority of the population does currently, prepare a concentrated juice that called acai vino and used in almost all their meals, pure or blended with other juices or flour, tapioca, manioc, fish or shrimp.

More than 150 varieties of Palms that exist in the Amazon and hundreds of fruits that are found there, recent studies based on longevity and good health of those natives, they have shown that the Acai has properties that can not be matched by any other natural product that you currently have on the market. The recent coverage of the media specifically of Oprah Winfrey Show,Rachael Ray ABC, NBC and CBS have published the many benefits of the acai fruit. Doctors and celebrities have announced to acai as the Super-food number 1. The extremely high concentration of antioxidants, fatty acids omega, amino acids, fiber and other nutrients are the reason that this super-food has many advantages.

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