Some reflections concerning the ways of our transformation: Of the idealizao to the accomplishment of personal and intransfervel an only day. ' ' Let us win us, donating of us everything what let us be in good will and self-denial, assisting us ones to the others and will have with us the action formula for which we will reach the accomplishments of that we lack for we ourselves. ' ' Heifer of Menezes – Psicografia Chico Xavier – Book ' ' Heifer, Chico and Voc' ' Amongst all the searches that we undertake when in them we assume as postulating the condition of Christian espritas, we can affirm truily that the greater of them is of the retaken one of the way of our improvement and our transformation while operating citizens in the process of our growth spiritual. It is very common to speak of this condition as if it had day and hour to start and from this occasion everything could be decided. In our way this is one of the cited situations more, in the most varied occasions and with most different expressions. The most significant of all guard one weight that in many times surpasses our bigger effort in reaching it.

We use it to all we do not stop detaching and giving a very solemn aspect to a process that already? without perceiving, we live has thousand of incarnations and in the greater of the chances still nor in the demons he counts. We are speaking of the Moral Reformation. It is truth. All we already are living deeply we have thousand of chances, for the Divine Mercy, walked ours in search of our redemption. If thus he was not, let us think on our situation and let us make some balances jointly. The first one of them is of that if we want assuming in them truily as espritas Christians, then needs to incorporate some inherent truths to this condition to our daily life, as for example, of that we are millenarian espritos in plus one of the many encarnatrias chances.

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