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Do since our first d? ACE of life have felt the support mentors for our good personal, labour development, which no doubt have had a positive influence on our lives, but not the conoc? masters with this name: Mentor. Do do we begin support? ndonos in our fathers, older brothers, t? I, grandparents, teachers, etc.? Do ultimately, people who care about us and will guide us in the daily chores, qu? do do, c? mo do, this est? well, this? no est? well, etc.?Should c? mo be a good? mentor? A good mentor always est? do ready to help develop and reach the? success, to invest their time and effort, should listen actively and encourage you when you need it, must be interested in your challenge and help you to get m? s away, willing to share their knowledge and personal experiences, is your confidant. So? qu? is a mentor? Do a mentor is an experienced person who inspires you with confidence that you gu? a in all tasks or projects you want to develop.? The mentor be ordered? do to train you with all t? techniques that the prob? and ran him or do do do do you ense? aron his own mentors and work, because? l still used them in their activities with fant? stico results.? Is the person that go? s when they arise you questions, so that you orient on qu? do and c? mo do to achieve your goals.? You guide? do step by step, without saturating you information? n, so go assimilating and ACE? power learning little by little and correctly. Oracle wanted to know more. The relationship? n between the Mentor and t? (Apprentice) should be personal and confidential, very different from the relationship? n between superior and subordinate. Do Adem? s, the mentor help you? do to overcome the obst? asses you’ll no doubt find yourself along this road to the consecuci? n of your goals, try? of motivate you when you feel depressed and encourage you when you see need it.? Can be? always available to clarify any question or problem that you want him to consult. .

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