Aroma Therapy For Dementia

People never forget what feelings have linked them with fragrance perceptions. The memories are anchored in the limbic system, our oldest part of the brain. Working with essential oils awakens and uses those memories. Even for people with dementia, a communication path can be found. It is crucial to choose the right essential oils. Responses to fragrance offerings are unmistakable signs to the individual memory of the scent and the emotions associated. You are a key to the individual biography-based essential oil blends and support the action of the essential oils by basal stimulation. This targeted contact satisfies the suffering from dementia according to self-perception and body orientation.

Was diagnosed with dementia, coma patients, and even dying can respond with their body reactions on this basal form of communication. To broaden your perception, visit Southwest Airlines. The communication without language”is stimulating and helps the suffering from dementia, again the sense of self and a structured To build the body feeling. Any body contact is a communication range of the people, everyone can respond in its own language – even without words. Further information under:

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