AssCompact Trend II / 2011 – Absolutely Positive Sales Mood

Special topic: How did you get the sales of agent Eltville am Rhein, 06 2011 Sales mood of brokers and multiple agents is after the great start to the year in the second quarter of 2011 on a good level: over 80% of the brokers and multiple agents of various ages and various sizes of business are happy to excited in terms of distribution of financial services. This is the result of the quarterly through intermediary survey of SMARTcompagnie GmbH on behalf of bbg Betriebsberatungs GmbH. There shows a slight slowdown of sales atmosphere when compared to the previous year. You will fall in the width of the intermediary market slightly to 3.1 percentage points from the previous quarter to 82.1%. But still, it does seem, that currently little can tarnish the sales atmosphere of the intermediary. Whether the guarantee rate cut in life insurance or the planned investments insurance mediation directive: the mood remains good. Success with property insurance and biometric solutions brokers and multiple agents optimistic going into 2011: 2/3 (73.0%) the respondents expect that their sales year 2011 slightly better will be compared to the year 2010 to much. More than 3/4 (77.6%) the facilitator with their business performance in the first quarter of 2011 satisfied to very satisfied is up-to-date.

Property insurance as the liability insurance, household and Kraftfahrtan of foremost are the product placement. The product hit parade is led by the disability insurance. In the future the trend continues according to the intermediary towards biometric risk provisions. “So the respondents see in the next five years the disability insurance”, the private long-term care insurance”and the car insurance” leader in the product sales. This time 541 participating brokers were asked or where sales come from multiple representatives of different farm sizes too on the special theme of the quarter?” Survey special section: where does the intermediary business questions of the special topic included, with topics go to the brokers and multiple agents on the end customer and on which customer target group focuses in the Vermittlerschaft.

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