Ball Valves

In the Russian market there are a variety of stop valves stop valves of different designs, valves, butterfly valves and so on. However, more and more consumers give a preference for ball cranes. A young, dynamic company LLC "ChelyabinskSpetsGrazhdanStroy" is by far one of the leading manufacturers of steel valves for general industrial use. Include the following advantages of ball valves LD: All-welded chassis welded body ball valve LD does not have any of bolted connections in the housing, through which can cause leakage under dynamic loading of the pipeline. In spherical valve are not used alloy elements, as in most types of valves, and crimped cold formed blanks, made of pipe grades largest domestic steel mills. Strength Housing ball valve LD consists of a central spherical portion welded (housing) and the cylindrical end connections (connections). Spherical forged construction that has no bolt connectors, allows for minimal wall thickness and minimum weight to withstand a maximum operating pressure and to provide maximum resistance to stress. Tests Each ball valve LD passes acceptance tests on test benches: the air tightness RPR 6 kgf / cm at t + 20 C on the strength and density water: for PN 1,6 MPa – RPR 24 kg / cm for PN 2,5 MPa – RPR 38 kg / cm for PN 4,0 MPa – RPR 60 kg / cm is no need for maintenance so as the ball valve has a long LD life, strong welded construction with no seals, it does not require maintenance and spare parts.

Thus, eliminating the need for training programs, special tools and equipment for repair, storage of spare parts. High speed floor medium flow ball valve is opened or closed LD turning the handle through 90 , and for opening and closing the valve required to perform more than ten full turns the flywheel. The minimum load on the pipeline Small (compared to the valves) weight parameters of ball valves LD provide a minimum load on the pipeline. Ease of Management With high pressures and tight seal tightening opening and closing valves are very difficult because of the small diameter flywheel, which leads to the use of more easily available. To open or close to several full turns the flywheel. The ball valve is easily opened or closed by turning the rod by 90 degrees. In this case it is possible to visually determine open or closed valve. Temperature resistant ball valve Temperature resistant ball valves – up to 180 C.

Valve (valve) with a rubber seal allows only 70 C, a cone valve – no more than 80 C. The optimal "price-quality" price below the price a little valve ball valve LD, but the cost of installation and maintenance of the valve is much higher than similar costs for ball valve, which, combined with the high cost of repairing the valve suggests a greater efficiency using a ball valve LD. Also: The ball valve LD medium flow is possible in both directions. Ball and stem ball valves LD stainless steel (including ball valves in LD with the case of carbon steel). Ball valves are manufactured as LD in flanged and welded to or screwed to the pipe when using ball valves LD virtually no pressure loss in piping (coefficient Hydraulic resistance is close to unity), which saves energy in pump and compressor drive units.

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