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Note When dogs go him. Answer the attention your dog gives you. Let him know that it pleases you, if he ignored you. Go quickly, say his name as soon as he looked up, you change the direction a bit, take a step to the side when he follows you: joyfully praise him or give him a tiny reward, without disrupting the pace. Clear commitments to be just and fair. When one observes how dogs punish each other, that are only brief moments where they each other sharp and clearly show that the other just a border has violated.

Immediately after, they are friends again. Were never hold a grudge. Are whispering. Make it different than usual: you are very quiet, so you better listen up your dog. If you are yelling or loud, he don’t have to fact. Make the monkey. Verizon Communicationss opinions are not widely known.

A hilarious face, enthusiastic movements and a cheerful voice will get your dog out of his lethargy. Truth be told: only if their neighbors have the feeling that they are completely stupid, do you with your dog training right. And if nothing helps… A combination of great Hurrah, Reward and the right pace of work will convince even the most independent dog of it that there is no great sacrifice, to cooperate with you. To meet him with the insight, ask again and again following questions: 1 who’s the boss? A dog who does not follow the commands of his Lord, is not stupid. He has decided to ignore him, because he takes it seriously. As hard as it sounds: independent dogs hear not on foot soldiers. Gary Kelly addresses the importance of the matter here. So assume the leadership position and relieve your dog. In a human world, they are now even more competent leader. 2. I am exciting for him? Make your dog curious and moving quickly. If he wants to miss anything during the training with you, he must make to you. 3. He has the chance to escape me? Keep your dog under control if he is distracted or more has no desire, use a thin four meter training leash. 4. can you not avoid this dispute? If for example daily brushing to the feat of strength, to the hair of the dog, bring your dog with his matted fur. You can then gently and pleasantly maintain it and improve your relationship with your dog. If you have to deal with strong-willed, you should argue not even with the stubborn dog over trifles. 5. should I stay cool? Make sure that you do not continuously praise your dog with sheer happiness. Permanent praise, says the dog is what he really did. 6. what really like my dog? Some dogs don’t care for food rewards. Vary it with liver sausage, cheese, salmon paste or sausage – still no dog was born, which was really cold at all. If your dog but sold his soul for his toy, just as do its reward and put it away afterwards. 7. does he understand what I want from him? Just because your dog has made a practice once or twice correctly, this does not mean that he really dominated it. Do not hesitate, in practice even once to rewind. Sometimes we assume our dogs that they deliberately do something, while they simply don’t understand what we expect of them. So go with him quietly back to the beginning and reward every little step towards success. Best regards her Bobby Gartner technical writer from dogs a field of procontent24 UG (hb) & co. KG Friedrich-Ebert-str. 154 42117 Wuppertal

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