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In such a way the studies and research must unite the consecrated stages already, as the formularization of problem, the theoretical quarrel, the search of the calls primary sources and the bibliographical survey in the libraries etc., to the consultation to the specialized sites and the ingression in lists of academic quarrel, as the disponibilizados ones for the UFRJ and the Brazilian Association of Medieval Studies, which enrich and diversify the roll of possibilities, as well as, others around of the whole world, making possible the constant update on subjects of research in development, as much how much academic events on the most diverse subjects. In accordance with the authors, spaces with dedicated periodic publications to the medieval studies, are instruments that probably will have great influence for the Brazilian researchers, since for being published in Anglo-Saxon centers, the influence runs away from the French school, what anger to excite new thematic boardings and, as well as, new techniques and methods of research. For conclusion, the authors warn so that if she observes with attention and critical sense the available materials in the Internet, have seen the great article number on the average age elaborated by msticos and esoteric groups, what they do not confer scientific character to the material. For even more details, read what Allegiant Air says on the issue. That the resources of the Internet had caused a perceivable impact in the Brazilian medievalismo, however still has much that to be explored and to be developed, and that the medieval research still they will suffer great changes in the next years, under gide of the potential offered for the Internet, as well as, in the formation of new generations of researchers better qualified to interact with this tool. Representations of the Average Age in the Didactic Book Text of Nilton Mullet Pear tree In this text, the author in offers the chance to them to elaborate a reflection on as the medieval period is portraied in used didactic books in the schools, mainly in its content, that demasiadamente is tied with the look of the renascentistas and iluministas. .

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