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Before the crisis, the number of vehicles acquired on leasing in Russia has increased every year, very quickly. However, after the global economic crisis we have entrenched, leasing the car was quite unprofitable volumes of purchase auto lease fell by nearly half. Experts predict the leasing market and short-term investments in Russia stands on the site. And in the near future will decline. At the moment, the number of short-term investment in the country is estimated 20 000000000 U.S.

dollars. However, by the end of this year, the leasing market will reduce the amount of U.S. $ 5 000000000 demand for rental cars, which provide many leasing companies in Moscow today decreased by half and continues to decline. Number of leasing companies has decreased by approximately 20 percent. The reason for similar change is clear – the economic crisis. Remaining in the leasing market leasing companies have seriously made more demanding conditions of its risk policy. In turn, customers are not in a hurry to use the leasing scheme and to make short-term investments, because they are afraid to increase the amount of debt and left without cash. And apart from everything else this year, the State Duma of the Russian Federation had made some amendments to the legislation.

For example, political leaders indicated a group of cars, that are not currently subject to accelerated wear. We have a mind change taxation, which were adopted by the first of January this year. According to those amendments abolished the procedure of accelerated depreciation on all passenger cars that are most often purchased as leasing companies for workers. Following these changes, purchasing of cars on a lease is not as attractive, then the tenant will not be able to save money on tax property. In addition, as suggested by experts, the prices of cars will remain at the same level – do not fall, and will not increase. If you go back to improve conditions for tenants, which provide the majority of leasing companies of our country, we must pay attention to the continuous increase in rates of lease contracts, and do more with less duration of the enterprise, which may use the lease terms. Today companies that have cars for staff at the leasing conditions in the leasing company the capital, in time to pay under the contract, and cars give back. But from the point of view of experts very soon the service "leased cars will be a part of history. Since the rent a car in lease conditions will completely at a loss.

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