Car: Change Of Car Insurance

(Online article) – tips for switching the car insurance. Double card has served who changes the car insurance, gets written insurance confirmation. The insurer for the car holder does the necessary evidence that an approved car still insured. The holder must for this non-personally audition by the approval authority. Previously, the insurer or the workers in the field to do so has a Versicherungsbestatigungskarte, the so-called double card”sent to the approval authority. Also these procedures are eliminated. Since September 1, 2008, the insurance can be provided only electronically. The so-called double map is obsolete.

When changing insurers is the computer of the insurer sending a data set with the insurance data via GDV Dienstleistungs-GmbH and Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt directly to the food and drug administration. There, the record processed and entered the new insurer in the vehicle file. The vehicle comes with this delivery process not in Touch. Differently than in the changing of the insurer it behaves at a re-registration of a vehicle. Here, the customer gets a seven-digit insurance confirmation number, the so-called VB from his insurer.

At the same time, the insurer for its customers provides an electronic certificate of insurance in a central database. The admissions staff then checks using the VB number online, whether here for the customer a valid insurance certificate was deposited. In a fully electronic process the necessary data for the purchase or registration of a vehicle between insurance companies, Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt and the local regulatory authorities exchanged then paperless.

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