Careful Spending

Actually, Jackdaw (this is my friend) has long been cracked me of a compensation system sverhvygodnoy buying costs. Say, in Irkutsk has a lot of companies, shops and boutiques in this system work, and the money actually returned. bags under the eyes, superfunds for weight loss or a newcomer colleague of the opposite sex. As accustomed to the fact that everything is easily and quickly gets into a zone Galkina of attention, just as quickly turns on the periphery its interests. So, in a week it turns out that instead of two bags under the eyes formed many small pouches, the tool for weight loss caused a gargantuan appetite, and a new colleague, a financial manager positions, blown on the fact that he could not articulately explain who these issuers. By experience, I thought that such a fate relentless criticism and complete neglect of touches and the new Galkina hobbies. Ahn, no.

Its original enthusiasm not only not abated, but increased. And even a feeling of superiority there has been. If we were going to dinner at a nearby restaurant, she stated that there do not serve on the map "LAF" and was removed to dine in loneliness. And when he returned, carelessly threw that "from now on the mobile phone you should not worry." Her deux in a restaurant (!) Cellular paid! One could put this into question, but, as in the proof was gab on the phone more general. Well, that, of course – not out of pocket.

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