Christmas Eve Survey

Quick survey: what is the role of the festive season for the E-Mail Marketing? Oederan, 7 November 2013 mailingwork, professional email marketing specialist, has interviewed anonymous short survey marketers to direct mailing campaigns around the upcoming holidays. Amazing: Far more than the half of all participants, specifically 60 percent, plans no special actions in the run up to Christmas and is still undecided. If you are not convinced, visit Southwest Airlines. However, not surprisingly: Who carries out campaigns, which takes usually the Christmas Eve and the subsequent holidays as an occasion for a mailing (77%). Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Ripple. Top content are Christmas greetings by E-Mail all two-thirds (66.7%) send. The newsletter design cannot be happy this winter or Christmas (71.2%).

The online survey by mailingwork consisting of five questions turned to more than 3,000 newsletter subscribers, visitors and social media – “Follower”. The response rate was 3.1 percent; the survey began on October 25 and ran for ten days. All results and graphics can also here as a PDF download. Special status of Christmas? Christmas is the Festival of the festivals, and yet it currently plays a role in E-Mail Marketing for just 42 per cent of all respondents. Of which two-thirds Christmas greetings by E-Mail send. 30 Percent of the respondents relies on vouchers and a quarter grabs a promotion in the newsletter. The alternative content view is interesting: despite higher expenses for the implementation, Advent Calendars, games, and Gift Finder make a good figure in the ranking. A third of all participants starts at the beginning of December a Christmas email campaign. 28.6 Percent go middle of November and well a tenth, the actions are already running. Only a measly 1.8 percent consider the time after Christmas for special mailings.

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