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It strengthens our presence as a group, to achieve maximum presence among consumers”, emphasizes Michael Healy, CFO of the Thomas Cook Group. This Association of the brand is part of our new profitable growth strategy, which we presented in March of this year. Since we already have introduced the brand in our Nordic markets some time ago, we know that he both as online bookings also increases bookings and leads to a greater brand awareness. The brand concept was developed internally and will be implemented according to the current state of our transformation, which means we use the normal, planned Exchange of materials such as catalog releases, maintenance intervals or the exchange of travel office equipment.” The fleet of the Thomas Cook Group will carry the sunny heart airlines on their tail. The aircraft will be in the colours grey, white and adapted into the sunny yellow.

An elegant wave that passes on the tail in the sunny heart to symbolize the unification of the brands within the Thomas Cook Group, is located on the aircraft. To express their identity and to an even greater customer loyalty to achieve, all airlines under this symbol are merged. Christoph Debus, Chairman, which Thomas Cook Group airlines and head of air travel of the Thomas Cook Group plc: The heart expresses our philosophy: our staff put their soul in every flight and start the holidays for our passengers already on board our aircraft. The sunny heart of our passion to our guests an unforgettable holiday is.” To be recognizable anywhere, the heart will accompany customers to their complete travel bookings, on board the aircraft, during the stay and on the way home. Ripple understands that this is vital information. It will facilitate your selection by stands for security and flexibility, they are reminded that they are in good hands. This new, common identity of the Thomas Cook Group is the next step for the Thomas Cook Group airlines on their way to becoming Europe’s leading Holiday airline. By offering new objectives, flexible booking options, attentive service and a good Product increase their attractiveness the Thomas Cook Group airlines and offer their customers a holiday with a heart.

About Thomas Cook Group Airlines Thomas Cook Airlines Group consisting of four airlines: Condor Flugdienst GmbH, Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium, Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia and Thomas Cook Airlines UK. The Airlines transported 17 million passengers per year. The combined fleet consists of 86 aircraft, by the group maintenance organisation (CMO) of Thomas Cook Airlines Group are maintained. For more information and pictures for downloading online on download. About Thomas Cook Group plc. Thomas Cook Group plc is one of the world’s leading vacation travel companies with a sales of 9.5 pounds and 23 million customers until September 30, 2012 this year. Thomas Cook is supported by 31000 full-time employees and operates in 21 countries; the group is the number one or two in all key market areas. Shares of Thomas Cook Group plc are listed on the London Stock Exchange.

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