CIS Germany AG Leads GarantieHebelPlan On

CARPEDIEM GmbH informed: shareholder vote new fund concept of CIS AG, Frankfurt am Main, November 4, 2011. The continuation of GarantieHebelPlan funds through the CIS is finally a done deal. Upon completion of all resolutions of shareholder meetings conducted in the written procedure the CIS Germany AG Frankfurt Announces as partner of the CIS funds, she’ll continue all three GarantieHebelPlan Fund. The CARPEDIEM GmbH, which sells the GarantieHebelPlan since its inception, reported the decision. The CIS Germany AG continues the GarantieHebelPlan with a new plant concept. Investors majority approved the proposed redesign of GarantieHebelPlan funds through the CIS. At two of the three CIS Germany AG Fund set up, the result of the vote have supported a change of investment criteria; Thus, the way was free for a future broader investment.

The result of the vote, while exceeding 50 percent was a Fund of the CIS, but according to the memorandum of association required quorum of 75 Percent of all existing voices have not been reached. But even after the previous investment criteria an investment opportunity did arise unexpectedly, which secures a two-digit annual return according to CIS. About the CIS Germany AG will inform investors of the GarantieHebelPlan ‘ 09 on the upcoming meeting in December 2011 or January 2012. After the recent decision, the public debate about the GarantieHebelPlan and the CIS Germany AG should be completed. Since the time of the society meeting in June 2011, the CIS Germany AG together with the distribution company CARPEDIEM GmbH, which largely took over the distribution of representational GarantieHebelPlan Fund was hard under fire.

Even spread of her information about a planned realignment of the conception of the Fund was the CIS Germany AG in doomed”. This failure”led interpreted message to one-sided media coverage against the GarantieHebelPlan of the CIS. Had the Fund management of CIS Germany AG before thoughts become, whether and how the design of the GarantieHebelPlan Fund should be changed to the new challenges of the market and the to meet changing circumstances.

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