Which is related to the consciousness of himself and the recognition of the strengths and limitations, mental map, mental models or paradigms through which interprets the world, of the style of interaction with others, the ability to adapt to change. The vision that we have of ourselves almost always equates to how others see us. (b) interest. It is necessary to feel curiosity for what motivates people and aware of the feelings and thoughts. This interest has necessarily to be genuine by the profession of others, their lifestyle, their objectives and visions build a good starting point.

(c) capacities. Many of the techniques and skills of Coaching can however, learn there determine natural abilities that guarantee a improved performance in this discipline as for example mental agility, the ability of problem solving and a high level of interpersonal functioning (sensitivity, empathy and reflection). d) value system. The guardian values constitute the nerve center of the Coaching relationship. And accordingly values constitute the basis in the relationship guardian ward. To set objectives and plans of action consistent with the aspirations and vision of the Coachee, the guardian must be able to analyze in depth their values. The basis of the objectives lies in personal values. (e) mastery of bodily and emotional competencies.

The Coach requires both increase their linguistic and cognitive, necessarily perfectible, competencies and also master bodily and emotional skills that facilitate him, and people, equipment and organizations responsible, achieve optimum performance situations, leading to high levels prosperity, happiness and learning with spiritual comfort, accepting what is being, a human being in coexistence with others, accepting and respecting differences. (f) motivation and systemic, social and personal competencies. They are vital behaviors in order to influence and achieve what is necessary in the Coaching relationship. The vocation is directed to serve others, i.e. achieve others to achieve what they want with the action of the Coach as a transformational leader.

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